April Newsletter
Spring Newsletter | April 6, 2020
With Deep Gratitude
So much to say in this newsletter, I would like to begin with a deep and heartfelt thank you. We are honored to be able to continue to support our community of mothers virtually. We miss your hugs and seeing you in person, but are equally honored to be invited into your homes as we live stream yoga classes, support groups and practitioner appointments. ~Ashley and everyone at hOMe holistic
VIRTUAL Yoga Classes
Although our yoga studio is closed until May 1st, or later, we are offering classes daily in our virtual yoga studio. The live streaming allows us to offer yoga classes in a format a bit different that our regular schedule. The big difference is that we can have everyone in every class! All classes are open to prenatal and postpartum mothers and babies are welcome in any yoga class. Grandmothers and friends are always joyfully encouraged to join in. We have an unlimited capacity and would love to see your friends and family from around the globe in classes, connecting in a way we have not been able to previously. Jessica Sexton, Ashley Walburn, Tori Weber and Renee Herrmann are all teaching classes from home holistic or a spot at their homes, all adjusting to this temporary new normal.

You can use your current membership or package or you can purchase one month of unlimited yoga for 1/2 price (now $60). We are asking that you pre-register for classes while we are virtual.

Every class you take, allows us to support you and your family and keep paying our instructors as well. So many of you have reached out to ask us how you can help hOMe holistic during this time: we are SO GRATEFUL! Our answer is, tell everyone, snap a picture of you taking class, tell your friends and family and share this newsletter, our website, or our Facebook page as often as possible, write reviews, take a few minutes, it helps a lot!
Practitioner News
Updates on the amazing practitioners at hOMe holistic.

Suzanne Adams is still seeing patients but asking that you stay outside (in your car) she will either text you when its OK to come in or come out to your car and get you. Contact her at drsuzanne11@gmail.com or 913-738-9322

We have 7 amazing providers of therapy/counseling services, everyone is able to take clients and continue with current clients. More detailed information for each counselor is at http://www.homeholistic.com/counseling.html .

Holistic health coaching/
hypnotherapy and reiki:
Kristen Marsh and Shannon Kinney are available via zoom on a limited basis, please contact them directly:
Kristen Marsh - kristenmarshcoaching@gmail.com
Shannon Kinney-Duh - livefreely@mac.com

Massage Therapy:
Shawna is unable to massage until this crisis is over. If you would like to support Shawna, buy a gift certificate for future use.
Shawna Patton - shawnapatton@mamabearmassagekc.com

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy:
Shannon and Linda are seeing patients through tele-health sessions at 20% off during covid restrictions, 40 minute sessions via zoom. Shannon is also taking patients for shorter appointments 15 and 30 minute if requested. contact them directly.
Shannon Desalvo - rehabforher.com, shannon@rehabforher.com
Linda Mufich - femmefocuspt.com, lmufichpt@gmail.com

Infant and toddler PT:
Steph Novacek is offering Therapeutic Touch and Play virtually. More about times and how to register at wellbelliesandbabies.com

Breastfeeding Consulting:
Summer Friedman is holding our regular support group every Wednesday at 10:30 from home. She is offering virtual sessions as well. donenaturally.com for more info.

Birth and postpartum doula:
We are still offering our services with a few adjustments! contact Ashley at Ashley@homeholistic.com for birth doula questions and Tori at nettleandhoney.com for postpartum doula and meal delivery.
Learn to Grow + Eat Sustainably in a Virtual Workshop


All registrants will receive an emailed zoom link + password.

  • Vermiculture & Composting
  • Building a RAISED GARDEN BED
(When to Harvest & What Grows Best in the Midwest)

Each family will also receive a pdf of how to create their own Raised Garden Bed, a Vermiculture Composting Kit, information on medicinal & cooking herbs and planting veggies, and more!
Meet the Doulas - Virtual Meeting
Join us for a group zoom meeting so we can get to know each other better and answer all your questions regarding birthing in the covid-19 climate.
We'll be talking about ALL our services: Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Placenta Remedies, Birth Photography, Childbirth Preparation and Education, Prenatal Yoga and Couples Therapy.
April 20th 7:30--8:30
 ***Please contact Ashley directly for an individual meeting
(913) 707-9362 or ashley@homeholistic.com
Join us for a workshop on…
presented by certified Pelvic Physical Therapists 
Shannon DeSalvo PT & Linda Mufich PT
SATURDAY, May 16th
1-3 PM

Come learn how physical therapy can help common pelvic conditions
during pregnancy & post-partum.
Self-help techniques and interactive exercises will be presented.

Topics will include--

Don’t miss this opportunity!
Women of all ages & stages welcome!
OMBirth - Childbirth Preparation
All childbirth classes are offered online for covid restriction. Register at OMbirth.net and use code OMbirth50 for 50% off of any childbirth course package.

Ideal couples are planning a coice centered, with partner or support person, low to medium intervention birth, having their 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 8th baby.
This workshop prepares the prenatal couple for an empowered, partner supported birth experience. Yoga poses useful for natural birth, acupressure and massage for pain management and labor progress are emphasized. Couples will learn that deepening their connection and informed choices are essential in preparing for birth and parenting.
OMbirth.net for more info.
Ashley is available for any questions at ashley@homeholistic.com to set up a time to talk.

Supporting Women and Empowering Mothers
Join OMamas at hOMe for FREE for 2 months use code OMamas2free when registering. No penalty for cancellations.
OMamas at hOMe is like having a therapist, a yoga teacher, a support group, and the power of guided meditations at your fingertips!

  • Online Yoga Classes & Guided Meditations
  • Members Only Facebook Group
  • Monthly Support Calls
  • Weekly Live Videos with Ashley
  • Interviews with Experts

"Out beyond the ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I will meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about. Ideas, language, even the phrase "each other" doesn't make any sense" Rumi