When: Sundays August 21st - October 8th 5-6pm

Starting August 21, 2022, join us for an 8 week workshop series plus book club to invite compassion into your everyday life. This series will meet Sunday evenings at 5PM and will be offered at Home Holistic, in-person or online. Both men and women are welcome to attend this workshop series.
Taught by Kelsy Addington, this series provides an intimate look into living compassionately amidst a sometimes non-compassionate world. The series will include a book discussion component following the book “Welcoming the Unwelcome” by Pema Chodron. This book provides comforting teachings and guidance into living life with compassion.
Compassion starts within ourselves. Learn how to live with compassion for your own heart, body, and mind. With personal compassion development comes the ability to show compassion for others-even those we may not agree with. Living compassionately brings a sense of calm and consistency in a turning world.
As a mediation and yoga teacher, Kelsy will facilitate book discussions and provide meditation teaching and guided meditation practice. Learn meditation practices such as loving kindness, tonglen, calm abiding, compassionate abiding, and mindfulness. The series will also include a special yoga nidra plus restorative yoga practice.
Sign up will include:
  • 8 weekly book discussion+guided meditation workshops
  • 8 1:1 guided meditation sessions with Kelsy
  • Special yoga nidra+restorative yoga class
  • A copy of the book “Welcoming the Unwelcome” by Pema Chodron
*Scholarship option available based on need*
For questions contact Kelsy at addingtonkelsy@gmail.com
About Kelsy~
Kelsy Addington is a registered nurse, yoga nidra teacher, and meditation instructor+a mom to three teenage boys and a 90 pound fur baby. After experiencing anxiety, depression, and OCD, she discovered the power of meditation+yoga in mind-body healing. Through her own healing, she decided to become a meditation and yoga teacher. Kelsy has been teaching meditation and yoga for 2 years working with clients of all ages individually and through group offerings. She has attended multiple workshops with Pema Chodron and her teaching partner Tim Olmstead. Kelsy incorporates the teachings of Pema Chodron in many of her offerings as well as specializes in teaching heart centered meditation practices, mindfulness, and yoga nidra. She teaches yoga nidra weekly here at Home Holistic.