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Summer Newsletter | May 28, 2019
Join us at hOMe
Join us at hOMe holistic for all your prenatal, postnatal, and birthing needs. Come to the studio to take a yoga class, or get our new service: OMamas at hOMe! Do yoga classes, guided meditations, and more from the comfort of your own home for the cost of just one yoga class per month. Join at .
New Class at hOMe

Kids Yoga
Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Saturdays at 11:30 AM

$10 drop-in
$80 for 10 classes
20 Classes
for $100!!
Use Promotion Code:  hh20

Reg Price: $195
3 Months of unlimited yoga for the whole family for $175!!

25% off our regular price
Yoga for the 4th Trimester
The Fourth Trimes­­­ter emphasizes that how a mother takes care of herself in the first three months of a new baby’s life brings crucial benefits for her, for her baby, and for her partner and family. The transition to motherhood is the sacred transition to a new identity; a rite of passage to Self—a new Self as a Mom and the role of caring for a dependent other.

4-week Series Dates:
WEDNESDAYS 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM
  • May 29th - June 19th

Music for Milestones Baby Playgroup
This evidence-based program offers a unique opportunity to connect with your child through musical play, while also nurturing their early communication, physical, emotional, and social development. Activities will include singing and signing, music exploration, movement, finger-play, instrument-play, and more!

Join us Wednesday mornings & the 2nd & LAST Saturday of the Month for our NEW Parent & Tot Music Playgroup series!

Wednesday May 29, 2019

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Yoga for Anxiety
This yoga class is for anyone who is seeking support and techniques to help with anxiety, depression and chronic stress. Gentle yoga postures and breathing techniques specifically tailored for reducing the effects of anxiety, stress and depression. This workshop is offered on the last Thursday of every month.

Thursday May 30, 2018  

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Zen Friends
Zen Friends is an opportunity for ALL kids to learn the practices of yoga in a fun, active and educational setting. Yoga benefits are seen in building confidence, balance and improving flexibility and overall body wellness. Students will get to know one another, learn relaxation techniques, strengthen their body and improve their concentration. With our “Friends” there to encourage and support each of us, anything is possible!

Students will learn:

  • Techniques in relaxation, balance, strength and concentration
  • Basic yoga poses as well as partner yoga

This yoga class is created for children with special needs to practice yoga with their friends/siblings. Peers provide modeling and encouragement to students with special needs.

Saturdays, June 1st - June 22nd

Teens (age 12-18) 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Kids (age 6-11) 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM

Itsy Bitsy Book Club
This group is designed for children 2-3 years old and their parents/caregivers! There is an 6 child maximum.
Join us for a fun and interactive music class with your child! This evidence-based program offers an opportunity to connect with your child through musical play, while also nurturing early communication, physical, emotional, and social skills.

Each group will include music time based around a specific story, as well as other development-based activities including crafts, games, and snack activities.

Wednesdays 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Ages 2-3
Summer Session: 
  • June 5th - June 26th, Classic Stories
  • July 10th - July 31st, Ocean Explorers

Restorative Yoga for Infertility
Restorative yoga is a practice that slows and opens the body through passive stretching with the aid of props. This class seeks to offer those struggling with infertility the opportunity to achieve physical, mental and emotional healing. This workshop is offered on the first Thursday of every month.

Thursday June 6, 2019

6:00 PM - 7:15 PM

Supporting Baby Wisdom
Supporting Baby Wisdom is founded in Cranial Sacral Tradition and connects us with our natural wisdom. Supporting Baby Wisdom blends traditions--teaching parents, care givers and birth professionals how to move therapeutically with babies. By learning a few simple movements designed to release trauma associated with the birth experience, we can all play a more conscious role in our baby’s growth and development.

Monday June 10, 2019

Group: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Individual Sessions available at:

2:00 PM
2:30 PM
3:00 PM
3:30 PM

Prenatal Yoga Level 1 Certification
This weekend workshop is the perfect way to begin your journey to teaching prenatal yoga. If you have prenatal students in your regular classes, this weekend will give you the confidence to teach them and offer safe modifications. Prenatal 1 will also give you the skills to sub a prenatal yoga class. If you are thinking about becoming a prenatal yoga instructor this weekend will help you decide if this is the population you want to emphasize on and invest in the level 2 and 3 certifications to become a certified Prenatal Yoga instructor.

Dates: July 12 - 14, 2019 
- Friday 6-9pm
- Saturday 10am-5pm
- Sunday 10am-5pm
(2:30-4pm observing Prenatal Yoga class)

Supporting Women and Empowering Mothers.
Join OMamas at hOMe
OMamas at hOMe is like having a therapist, a yoga teacher, a support group, and the power of guided meditations at your fingertips, all for the cost of one yoga class per month!

  • Online Yoga Classes & Guided Meditations
  • Members Only Facebook Group
  • Monthly Support Calls
  • Weekly Live Videos with Ashley
  • Interviews with Experts