OMamas Premier Partner:

​includes everything in OMama affiliates plus one weekly post in OMamas. (Can change posts monthly i.e. each month can be different images and texts but can only change image and text at the beginning of new month) How it works: Send me your business or event you are promoting to OMamas and we are happy to share for you during peak activity. OMamas has over 16,000 active members and over 150,000 monthly posts and responses. 

OMama Affiliate:

​Your business will be in the OMama preferred partner list. This will be published and shared OMamas with membership of over 16,000 and over 150,000 posts and responses every month. Your logo and link to your business will be included. Each business will be organized into categories such as: Photographers, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists. 

OMamas Expert Affiliates:

video remains live and available for one year. 

​This one time fee is a video up to 20 minutes. You can either record alone and send it to me or I can interview (this is fun, you send me info and areas of expertise/leading questions). Video or expert interview is live and active in OMamas videos. These get a lot of views and activity. At the end of one year you have an option to pay $100 to keep it live another year or do a new video for $500. OMamas Experts get a discount on the other OMama affiliate programs of 50% off either package.