• Virtual care via text, call and video
  • Primary pediatric medical care
  • 1 hour Well Visits
  • Acute and follow-up visits
  • Wellness optimization
  • Functional and Integrative medicine
  • Supportive of full range of medical choices
  • Individualized and flexible immunizations
  • Minor procedures and labs
  • Practice size is limited
  • Only 1 employee: Dr. Stanton

Carissa Stanton, MD

Carissa Stanton, MD is a board-certified pediatrician that founded her own independent practice that is designed to remove the barriers between her and her patients to provide the best possible care to the whole child. She has a nutrition degree and training in functional medicine which enables her to integrate natural approaches with modern medicine to provide holistic care for children. Using this additional training beyond her traditional medical training, she can get to the root of the problem to make children more well, not just less sick. Dr. Stanton can function as both your child’s primary pediatrician and wellness provider! 

Her practice is a virtual and home-visit based direct pediatric care. She offers well visits at hOMe Holistic for families that live outside her home-visit service area. Why a pediatrician at a family holistic center? Mindful Pediatrics and hOMe Holistic are a great match: our values and goals align and it is a great collaboration of services to help families holistically. It is the ideal “hOMe away from home” to recreate a home environment for visits, instead of a starchy clinic environment. Unlike a busy clinic, there will be no waiting room filled with kids. You will be the only visit and you will go straight to her room for your visit. She will recreate a home visit by using the same equipment and routine. This allows Mindful Pediatrics to offer its care to more children of the KC Metro area, but keep the same mindful approach. 

Dr. Stanton is supportive of the full range of medical choices and individualized decisions on vaccines. Since she works outside the “system” to remove the barriers such as insurance and hospital system incentives, she truly works for her patients and their best interests.

Her practice is membership based to be able to provide individualized care. Members receive 24/7 direct access to Dr. Stanton. Members are eligible for all the medical services offered. There are many benefits to care with direct access to your doctor: ability to help the body heal with natural approaches before jumping to medications, parents don’t have to play “Dr. Google” or rush to an urgent care, and kids receive all around better care. 

If you are interested in individualized, holistic, and direct pediatric care for your child, please contact to set up a complimentary meet & greet to learn more: