Inquiry is Kelly's philosophy, conscious embodiment the method, to explore life.
Her curiosity about the nature of consciousness led her to experience many forms of meditation, breathwork, yoga, and massage. Initially to expand her own interior consciousness and external experience of life, these pursuits led her to study them academically because methods that produce measurable and replicable results became as important to her as having process-oriented experiences. She holds Bachelor’s degrees in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies and Psychology, with an emphasis in Liberation Psychology, including both quantitative and qualitative research internships.

A licensed massage therapist since 1997, Kelly has a strong knowledge of anatomy which brings a depth of technical understand to her teaching. Additionally, she pursues advanced and ongoing yoga anatomy training through study and workshops with Ray Long, MD. She uses his illustrated anatomy books and other visual aids in her workshops to help students better understand which muscles are most operational in their poses. Most importantly for Kelly, though, is to guide others to in the ability to feel this as embodied presence, not just ideas or postures.

Leading workshops in Somato-Respiratory Integration (breath work and energy work) since 2002, her witnessing change in the bodies, energy fields and mental/emotional states of clients indelibly inform her depth of teaching.

She completed yoga certification at Yoga School of Therapeutics and joined the teaching staff in 2014. Since that time, Kelly has received advanced specialty training and certification in Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, Yin Yoga and Yoga for the Pelvic Floor.

Kelly is committed to helping people experience greater ease and joy in their bodies and their lives! If you have questions or thoughts to share, she'd love to talk to you about your needs, vision and wishes.

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Kelly Crowe