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Placenta Remedies

Flowers and Bottles

You can look forward to not only enjoying your postpartum, but thriving as you bond with you newest addition. Placentas are an amazing natural resource to mother & baby during pregnancy & after. The placenta regulates hormone levels & supplies your baby with nourishment. After delivery your placenta still has great value. Mother Nature has given you an organic source of healing & energy made specifically for you. Enriched with protein, vitamins, iron & hormones, the remedies I can prepare for you include: stabilizing & energizing pills, balancing tincture, healing salve, a nourishing broth & a cord keepsake.

Using placenta remedies helps to: 

  • increase bonding 

  • control uterine contractions

  • manage stress

  • protect against baby blues & it's more severe form, postpartum depression (PPD)

  • increase & regulate lactation

  • regulate mood & digestive functions

  • increase in energy levels thwarting fatigue


  • $325

  • $300 for Doula clients

  • Additional fee may appply if travel time exceeds 30 minutes

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